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Our Farms.

Established in 1980, Aposentos Flower Farms is one of the leading growers and exporters of fresh-cut carnations and spray carnations in the world. Located on the northern Bogota Savannah, we produce our flowers in 80 hectares of covered, state of the art greenhouses. Our lifelong experience as growers along with innovative practices have made Aposentos Farms the best option for carnations and spray carnations around the world.

The secret to growing the best blooms in the world lies with the international flower breeders. At Aposentos, we are constantly reviewing and implementing the newest and most beautiful varieties of carnations and spray carnations with our breeder partners. When you buy from our farms you know you are buying the most innovative and trending product in the market today.

Our flowers are produced on our five farms that total 80 hectares of production. That is about 150 million flowers a year. We are unique in that we operate a centralized post-harvest system that allows us to have total traceability of our flowers. All stems are selected and processed based on their color, grade, cutting stage and head size. This allows us to truly offer our clients custom programs based on their market requirements. We understand your business and our flowers are processed perfectly to meet your specifications.

Sustainability, environmental and social best practices are essential to the production of our flowers. At Aposentos we are members and active participants in the Global GAP and Rainforest Alliance certifications. When you buy your flowers from Aposentos you know you are buying the most environmentally sustainable flower on the market.

mission statement.

To grow and export the world over the highest quality and environmentally sustainable carnations and spraycarnation at competitive prices with exceptional customer service.


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